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As a scientist, I have developed a meticulous curiosity to understand objects I am working on and tools I use to achieve this. Since 10 years, I have widely applied this skill to protein architecture comprehension, scientific programming and web technologies. I moved in Auwwwergne to be a full-time front & back end web developer.

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Checkout my blogs about science (will be publicly available in mid-2012) and web technologies.

I used to 3D Print molecules!

Academic research

After studying biochemistry, my passion for informatics naturally brings me to bioinformatics, precisely structural bioinformatics.

During my PhD, I worked on the development of a de novo protein structure prediction method. This approach is based on the concept of structural alphabet, i.e. a local description of protein architecture by using a small number of prototype conformations. Starting from a protein sequence, the first step was to predict an ensemble of letters (protein fragments) compatible with this suite of amino-acids. In the second step fragments are assembled to build a full atom protein structure. My work mostly focused on this stage of the prediction by the development of a greedy algorithm coupled to an optimized and adapted coarse-grained force field (OPEP).

We have adapted and refined our protocols for peptide structure prediction, and developped the PEP-FOLD suite that outperforms all other peptide structure prediction servers at this time.

After my PhD, I worked as a research engineer for the RPBS platform and the MTi Lab. I was in charge of our computing resources and servers. During 3 years, I developed and conceived web servers and services for the lab and research teams that collaborate with the platform.

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